Australia introduces visa changes to remedy job shortages

The Australian government have announced that visas will be lengthened for near 400 bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as for all doctorates. This is intended as a remedy for numerous shortages in the Australian job market.

Being a teacher in Australia

We’ve all heard about funding crises, austerity and bureaucracy in British schools, with teachers leaving the profession in record numbers. So what does teaching in Australia offer? Last year Rosie Pariser swapped a primary school in England for one in Melbourne. She tells us about the process of applying and the differences between the UK and Australian teaching system.

A new start: Moving to Melbourne

When a primary school teacher and a newly qualified doctor made the move to Melbourne from Brighton, England, they weren’t entirely sure what to expect. Rosie Pariser tells us that the city hasn’t disappointed – they’re already coffee snobs and loving the better work-life balance!