Let’s retire to the Costa Brava

A retirement on the Costa Brava will never be boring. North-east Spain is the work-hard-play-hard part of the country, and if you don’t need to work hard any more, so much the better! So, what will you spend your days doing if you retire to the Costa Brava?

Let’s retire to…Almería

Endless sunshine, dramatic scenery and a property market where your money goes further, all in a region that has retained its authentic Spanish charm: Almería certainly sounds like retirement paradise to us.

Let’s retire to…Corfu

Greece and the islands are becoming increasingly property as retirement locations, and as the tourist market continues to expand, so too does the market for people imminently retiring, or planning their retirement.

Let’s retire to… Mallorca!

Is there a more exciting place to retire to than Mallorca? It may be more well-known as a holiday option, but Mallorca has a large year-round population, including plenty of energetic retirees.

Spanish homes for watersports lovers

Spain attracts people from all over the world because of its wonderful climate and coastline. But it isn’t just for beaches that the country is so popular, it also offers every kind of water sports imaginable. From surfing to kayaking, diving to rafting and jet skiing you can indulge in your favourite sport or try a new one. It is not just at Spain’s beaches either, move a little inland where property prices are generally cheaper and you can still enjoy water sports.

Top tips for a healthy, active retirement in Cyprus

We all want to have a happy life when we retire. And for us Brits, escaping the wet and windy British weather to sunnier climes is a big attraction. That’s why I recommend Cyprus for your retirement – not just because of the fantastic weather here, but because you can have a healthy, happy retirement. Read on to find out how to make the most of it.