Should you worry about France’s second home tax?

Certain parts of the press have been full of outrage over, as the Daily Mail put it: “Macron destroying the dream of owning a holiday home in France”. So, how worried should you be about increases to France’s second homes tax?

Your burning French mortgage questions, answered

Tough economic conditions combined with tighter lending conditions by European banks might make you think twice about applying for a euro mortgage in France. Speak to the right people though and doors should open.

Is now a good time to buy a home in Canada?

We look at the exchange rate for British pounds to Canadian dollars and evaluate if now if a good time to lock it in for your property purchase. Plus, a property market update on Toronto and Vancouver.    

Should I buy a cheap Italian house?

It’s so exciting to find a cheap Italian house for sale, that’s well within your budget. But will it only need a lick of paint? Or does the low price indicate there may be other more urgent work needed. The big question is “Why is it so cheap?”.

Can I get a French mortgage as an international buyer?

Europe’s rising interest rates together with the fallout of Brexit and Covid lockdowns have caused a tightening of conditions in the French mortgage market, at least for UK and other international buyers. We answer some of the key questions for today’s borrowers across the Channel…

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