Florida property market update, summer 2019

The Sunshine State’s success as a tourist destination is breaking yet more records. It’s all good news for Florida’s property market in summer 2019 too. Refreshingly detached from the Brexit saga and enjoying booming levels of tourism, Florida is an exciting place to be property-hunting right now. If you’ve always been tempted by a Disney home, here’s why 2019 is the time to make it happen!

How can you buy land to build on in Ireland?

If you’re a Grand Designs fanatic like so much of the UK, perhaps you’re considering self-building your perfect home when you move to Ireland – so you can have it exactly how you want/ So, today, we’re looking at how to buy land to build on in Ireland, and the major points you need to consider before you embark on a self-build journey. 

Buying in the USA, part six: property management

With its year-round sun, theme parks, beaches and other attractions, Florida is a tourist hotspot, no matter the season. No wonder that so many choose to rent out their property while they’re not there! However. you’ll need to make sure it’s properly set up. This week, we’re looking at your options for property management in Florida.

Greek prices hit their stride

As Greece’s recovery from the financial calamity of the past decade continues, we look at what is happening to Greek property prices right now. It’s not just in homes that there are more than encouraging signs, in many sectors of the property market the recovery is not just continuing, but gathering pace.

Shopping in Cyprus

“We’re not tourists anymore – we live here!” It’s the first thing we all say when we move to Cyprus, determined to live like a local and take advantage of the lower living costs. So what does that mean in practical terms? For a start it means shopping like a local. Here’s what you need to know about shopping in Cyprus.