How to ditch the daily grind and make money in Italy

There are British people who have already taken back control of their own lives and moved to Italy to work and enjoy “La dolce vita”. Non-EU citizens such as Americans, Canadians and Australians have too. They all took their dream of a better work-life balance and made it a reality in this beautiful land they now call home. And, you can too.

Italy property market update: August 2019

This year so far has seen an increase in Italian properties being sold, but housing prices are still well below their pre-recession levels and it is a buyer’s market. This is great news for those looking to buy property in Italy, as now could be the time to buy ahead of the curve to see a strong return on your investment in the future.

5 reasons the world loves investing in USA homes

Last year, foreign investors snapped up 183,100 properties in the USA, amounting to a total value of $77.9 billion. While this is actually a decrease from the previous year, US real estate remains an incredibly appealing asset to foreign investors. Chinese buyers topped the foreign investment ranks, followed by Canadians, Asian Indians and UK buyers. So what’s the fuss about?

Buying in Greece, made easy

Let’s face it, Greece’s popularity doesn’t lie in being a place where it’s easy to get boring things done quickly. It’s a place to do enjoyable things slowly! That’s why we love it here. And when it comes to buying a Greek home, the processes are straightforward, if occasionally long-winded. The good news is that there is always someone to help you. Diana from Corfu Home Finders explains how to make the Greek property buying system work.
The benefits of fractional ownership

The benefits of fractional ownership

For some buyers abroad, there are huge benefits to owning a share in several properties rather than all of one. For others, the benefits of fractional ownership have been obscured by memories of mis-sold time shares. It’s time to look at a new generation of co-ownership, where the benefits have been kept and the risks removed. So why should you be considering fractional ownership?

What is the Portuguese golden visa and how does it work?

Portugal’s golden visa, or residency by investment, is a hugely successful scheme of Portuguese (and therefore EU) residency in return for investing in property or business. Successful applicants gain the right to live and work here, free movement around Europe’s Schengen zone, and the chance to apply for citizenship after 5 years. Here’s how.