Building a home in Greece, part 2: the design

So, you’ve bought the land. The next stage in building a home in Greece is to find someone to design it for you. Diana from Corfu Home Finders explains where to find the second step in creating your own special Greek home.

Italy’s property market update, summer 2019

What is happening to Italian property prices this summer? All the signs are that international property buyers are rushing to buy Italian properties right now, with the prices starting to rise in our favourite hotspots. And while the old favourites are as popular as ever, new destinations are beginning to appeal. So where are we buying in Italy as we enter summer 2019?

Buying a house in the Italian countryside

Would you like to own a home in the Italian countryside? For many of us it’s the ultimate Italian dream, surrounded by the sights and smells that inspired centuries of writers and artists. The Italian countryside is easy to reach, welcoming and affordable. So, the $64,000 question is, could you do it? Not only can you, but the price for many lovely country homes isn’t much over €64,000 either! 

Building a home in Greece: part 1, buying the land

When you want perfection, sometimes you just need to build the home of your dreams, rather than someone else’s. And for that, you need some land. Few countries offer so many gorgeous plots and views as Greece. So here is how you buy land to build a home in Greece, written by Diana from Corfu Home Finders.

Buying property in Madrid

Of the many thousands of people who move to Spain each year (by no means all from within the EU, by the way), most head not to the coasts, but the cities. They come not just for work, but for the sophisticated lifestyle, shopping, restaurants and entertainment.

Being a teacher in Australia

We’ve all heard about funding crises, austerity and bureaucracy in British schools, with teachers leaving the profession in record numbers. So what does teaching in Australia offer? Last year Rosie Pariser swapped a primary school in England for one in Melbourne. She tells us about the process of applying and the differences between the UK and Australian teaching system.