Is this the year you do it? 

A new life in the sunshine, space and job opportunities abroad is within your grasp. But moving yourself, your family and household to another country, even another continent, takes energy and planning.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone! This free guide will support you through your emigration. It covers each important step in this sometimes complicated process. So whether you’re moving Down Under or just across the Channel, to Canada or the Costa Blanca, this guide is here to help you with your plans at each stage of the exciting journey. 

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Emigration requires planning and energy. This guide provides a framework and a step-by-step plan.

 Plan and timetable your move

  Budget for your new life

  Buy or rent a property

  Get the kids on board

 Take your pets

  Settle in successfully

Don’t miss out on an amazing new start abroad!

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Our buying overseas guide – your free resource

We have a suite of free resources available to help you emigrate, including a team of expert professionals, who are skilled in the emigration process and can provide guidance throughout the different steps of the process. These include legal and financial advisors, reputable estate agents, currency specialists, and other expats, who are here to share their experiences emigrating and can provide detailed knowledge of how it all works. Once you have downloaded the guide, this expert team will also keep you updated with useful news, tips and articles on the different aspects of moving and living overseas, as well as shining a spotlight on some of the most popular countries to move to.

The Resource Centre

The friendly and approachable team at the UK Resource Centre are on hand at the other end of the telephone to answer any questions about emigrating and are able to make recommendations and introductions to trusted advisors and experts who can help you at every stage of your move overseas. It can be reassuring to have a real person who is knowledgeable about what it takes to emigrate to talk to while you are making serious plans to move abroad permanently.

Having searched the Internet, I found a Buying Guide website with the detailed, helpful guide and subscribed to the free newsletters offered. It was amazingly easy using the tips and suggestions to define my requirements and to establish my strategy for what I really wanted from my emigration. Once I had made use of the network of friendly and helpful associates I was introduced to, everything fell into place. It meant that I had a plan to keep me on track, so I was not tempted by any seemingly attractive but potentially risky alternatives.

Brian Dorey

Emigration Guide reader who emigrated to Cyprus

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