This week The USA Property Guide takes a closer look at Miami. It’s not just Florida’s most exciting and vibrant city, it makes a claim to be the capital of Latin America.


Have you been pondering a move to Miami? If so, this week’s USA Property Guide round-up of everything that Florida’s most vibrant city has to offer could be just the dose of encouragement you need to finally get that ball rolling. We discuss what Miami has to offer its residents to help you determine whether or not it’s the right corner of the USA for you.

Miami not only boasts an enviable climate, but is also a commercial centre

A little background

Located on the southeastern tip of The Sunshine State is the incredible metropolis of Miami. This is a city that not only boasts an enviable climate, but is also a commercial centre. It is home to some of the country’s best beaches, incredible retail opportunities, fine cuisine and a huge array of entertainment options. The city has a fascinating history and a unique vibe as a result of the many nationalities that call it home. Expect your neighbours to hail from Cuba, the Caribbean and Central America. Better start brushing up on your Spanish! As Cuba increasingly opens up to US business, the investment case is pretty good too. Just ask Andy Murray, the British tennis ace followed in the footsteps of Fred Perry in buying a Miami home and recently put it on the market for twice what he paid eight years ago.


Have you been dreaming of a life in Miami’s sunshine?


How’s the weather?

Although blazing sunshine will usually greet you when you open your shutters, the city’s tropical monsoon climate means that there is a wet season, which starts in May and ends in October. During this season the weather is hot and humid and you can expect afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Hurricanes can also affect Miami between June and November.

A cultural capital

Miami plays host to some of the most important cultural events on the US calendar, including Art Basel, Miami Fashion Week and a number of popular music festivals. All around town you’ll find fantastic entertainment venues where you can enjoy theatre, live music and comedy. This is the home of Miami City Ballet and the New World Symphony Orchestra. There are enough museums to keep you fully loaded with culture, including Miami Art Museum and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Miami’s music scene is thriving too, and you’ll find all styles of concert from intimate gigs to stadium concerts of the biggest international names.

The city’s wonderfully-named ‘Floribbean’ cuisine fuses American and Caribbean influences to create mouth-watering combinations.

If you consider yourself a foodie, chances are that Miami’s cuisine is half the reason you fancy the move in the first place. The city’s wonderfully-named ‘Floribbean’ cuisine fuses American and Caribbean influences to create mouth-watering combinations. The city’s location also means that fresh seafood is a dominant ingredient on all menus.

Job opportunities…

If you’re moving to Miami in pursuit of work, then you shouldn’t find things too tricky – if you have the right credentials of course. Miami is a world leader when it comes to commerce, finance, TV and entertainment, fashion and education, plus the tourism industry and building industry are both huge. Many international companies have headquarters in the city including AIG, Sony, Microsoft and Yahoo. For those with experience working in TV, there are plenty of opportunities to be found working in the entertainment industry – although you should be aware that much of the programming is in Spanish. Other big employers include Miami International Airport, PortMiami and The University of Miami.

Leisure activities…

Have you got all day? Because Miami is so geared up for leisure lovers that you might just need it! If you’re a believer in retail therapy you have come to the right place. There are so many places to splash the cash, your only chance of getting close to doing it all is to move here on a permanent basis.


Miami is home to some of America’s most successful sporting teams. Richard Cavalleri /


Shopaholics aren’t the only demographic that’ll be spoilt for choice – if you’re a lover of sport then Miami is a fantastic destination. You can watch major league football, basketball, baseball or hockey. David Beckham has been setting up a new football (sorry, we mean “soccer”) team in the city. If you prefer to actually participate, there are numerous world-class golf and tennis clubs close to the city, watersport opportunities, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, salsa dancing… the list is endless. If that all sounds a little too much like hard work, don’t forget that there are white sandy beaches just perfect for lounging any which way you turn.

Miami is known for its bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that cater to all tastes and guarantee that whatever style of evening out you’re in search of, you’ll be able to find it.

Certainly sounds good to us! If you’re tempted, why not call our Resource Centre today on 020 7898 0549 to discuss how to start making your American dream a wonderful reality.

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