There is a lot more involved in buying your dream US property than just deciding you’d like to do so. The buying process is different from the UK, and therefore there are a number of financial and legal considerations that you will need to successfully navigate.

Our team know that there are three key ingredients to a successful purchase, in fact, we consider them so important that we refer to them as our “Golden Three”

We have helped thousands of people buy property in the USA over a decade. Our team know that there are three key ingredients to a successful purchase, in fact, we consider them so important that we refer to them as our “Golden Three” :

  • A trusted estate agent
  • A currency specialist
  • An independent solicitor

Having the Golden Three in your camp from early on in your buying journey will ensure you’re equipped with the support, advice and guidance of those in the know. They will be able to help you plan ahead, negotiate any obstacles, and avoid making mistakes.

Your trusted estate agent

Real estate is big business in the USA, and you’ll find that many realtors are local celebs – you’ll see their faces plastered on ‘For Sale’ signs, and across benches and buses across town. So, how can you possibly know which agent to choose when there are so many options? First off, you will need to identify the areas you potentially want to buy in, and then determine which agents operate in those areas that have properties that fall within your budget. A good realtor will be incredibly knowledgeable about the local area and its surroundings, will be able to answer all questions and concerns that might crop up, and will listen to your needs to ensure you don’t waste time looking at properties that don’t suit. As realtors are a dime a dozen nothing beats a personal recommendation. Knowing that your agent has been tried, tested, and has produced the right results, will put your mind at ease that you’re in safe hands.

Your expert currency specialist

When you buy a home in the USA, the time will eventually come when you need to transfer pounds into a dollars and send them overseas to complete the purchase. A lack of experience when it comes to transferring currency, combined with a desire to keep your money safe can make this process is a daunting one.

Smart Currency Exchange is the UK’s only currency specialist focusing specifically on the international property industry.

That’s why we recommend enlisting the services of our trusted partners, Smart Currency Exchange – the only UK currency specialist with a specific focus on the international property industry. Opening a free, no-obligation account with Smart before your viewing trip gives you instant access to a personal trader, who can help you plan your transfers and minimise the risk of fluctuating exchange rates driving up the cost of your property between making an offer and completing.

Your independent solicitor

The final essential ingredient to a successful purchase is an independent solicitor who can guide you through the tricky financial and legal implications of buying in the USA. A solicitor boasting expert knowledge of the USA buying process will be vital to the success of your move as they will have tackled each stage time and time again. They will draw your attention to, and explain, the intricacies of the process, and help you with matters such a planning permission issues, and inheritance tax.

Let the USA Property Guides team take the stress out of your buying journey. Complete this form to be put in touch with a trusted Golden Three of property professionals.

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