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Property Guides, part of the Overseas Guides Company, is a recognised expert in the overseas property industry, and the experienced team is regularly called upon to provide insightful comment on any aspect of this industry and living abroad.

Our dedicated editorial team, based both across the globe and in our London head office, has helped the Overseas Guides Company win the 2013 and 2014 OPP Best Media and Best Supporting Service Awards. We regularly provide quality commentary and content across a range of national and local media, utilising our expert knowledge on all aspects of living, moving and buying overseas. To ensure information is current and accurate, the company has a growing team of expat writers, who offer first-hand information and an in-depth understanding of what life is like in their country of residence.

In addition to the UK Resource Centre, which offers free information over the phone, the Overseas Guides Company publishes in-depth, unbiased Buying Guides for a wide range of countries, regular newsletters and information bulletins for overseas property buyers, with offices in Mijas Costa on Spain’s popular Costa del Sol and Vilamoura Marina in Portugal’s Algarve.

The Overseas Guides Company Partner Network connects readers to a range of trusted professionals who are experts in the international property buying and selling process, including property agents, financial and legal advisors.

All writers and industry experts are available for media comment on all aspects of buying, selling, investing in, or living abroad.


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We have been consistently impressed with the quality of content provided to us by Property Guides, which is used throughout the overseas section of our website. There is no doubt how highly valued this is, and it certainly helps with our SEO, online recognition and website traffic.

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Partnerships Manager, Rightmove Overseas

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