As you will have seen in the previous six steps, purchasing property in Portugal is a huge commitment. Getting it right requires a lot of thought and consideration. Therefore, it is vitally important to ensure you have the right expertise and guidance available to you.

At the Portugal Property Guide we are very experienced in purchasing property in Portugal. As such, we recommend three key experts to help you safely and successfully purchase your dream home.

These three experts are so essential that we refer to them as the ‘Golden Three.’ They consist of a trusted property agent, a currency specialist and an independent solicitor. By organising these three services early in your Portugal property search, you ensure you have access to the right support and information at the earliest possible point. This is essential to the success of your purchase and will help you avoid common pitfalls that those before you have faced.

A trusted property agent

There are many agents to choose from in Portugal, and this can prove somewhat overwhelming. It helps to first conduct some online research in your chosen area, assessing the options available to you. The most reassuring way to find the right estate agent for you is through recommendation. However, you should still ensure that they meet all your requirements. It’s especially important to make sure they can help you in your chosen corner of the country. By finding your estate agent before you even come over on a viewing trip, you can ensure you make the most of your time in Portugal.

The three experts we suggest are so essential that we refer to them as the ‘Golden Three.’ They consist of a trusted property agent, a currency specialist and an independent solicitor.

A currency specialist

The transfer of your funds into Portugal is an incredibly important process and will have a significant effect on the true cost of your property purchase. Many people use their local high street bank to make this transfer, and in doing so find the process both slow and expensive. Instead, using a currency specialist like Smart Currency Exchange gives you access to up-to-date industry advice on the constantly fluctuating exchange rates. They will offer you expert advice and guidance on how to make the most of your transfer, and offer you a simple service with savings on exchange rates of up to 4%. You will also be given your own dedicated account manager, who will be able to work with you throughout every step of Portugal property buying process

An independent solicitor

We recommend working with an independent, impartial, English-speaking solicitor, with expert knowledge of your area of Portugal. This will ensure you feel safe and secure when purchasing your dream home. Your solicitor will also assist with communication, language barriers, and navigating the country’s cultural quirks.

Let the Portugal Property Guide team take the stress out of your buying journey. Complete this form to be put in touch with a trusted Golden Three of property professionals.

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