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residential investment in Canada?

Homes in Canada, where prices rose 42% in the past five years

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Five special places for retirement in the Algarve

Planning to spend your retirement in the Algarve? You won’t be alone. It’s rapidly becoming one of the world’s favourite retirement hotspots. And not just for British people. Americans, Scandinavians, the French… Portugal has brought in tax incentives, environmental controls, hospitals and airport improvements that make it all a lovely places for a healthy and energetic retirement wherever you’re from. This article looks at five ideal destinations for an active retirement in the Algarve. 

Affordable Algarve homes under £150,000

If you crave a new life in the sun, or even just a bolt-hole away from Britain’s gloom, it needn’t cost the earth. While property prices are rising in most European sunshine destinations, affordable options still exist – especially in Portugal. While the country’s popular Algarve region has plenty of glitz, glamour and multi-million euro villas, there’s plenty of affordable Algarve homes to choose from too.

A new life and a new business in Portugal?

Are you keen to move to Portugal and wondering what you could do for a living? How about the prospect of a genuine lifestyle business? One that could enable you to do the things you love and help pay for your property? If this appeals, it’s well worth doing some research around rural tourism in Portugal. Here’s what you need to know.