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residential investment in Canada?

Homes in Canada, where prices rose 42% in the past five years

Articles by Ben Taylor

Your healthy retirement in Portugal: 7 fun activities to keep you fighting fit

The attractions of taking your retirement in Portugal are clear to see. Unsurprisingly, the climate is right there at the top of the list for many. But there’s also the low cost of living, the laid-back pace, and a focus on family life with notably less materialism than you see in many countries in northern Europe.

5 affordable towns and villages for your retirement in 2021

Portugal is a fabulous place to retire to. You will find friendly people, a dependable climate, and plenty of low-cost luxuries on hand. In this article, we highlight five affordable towns and villages in Portugal for your retirement.

The first 10 things to do when you move to Portugal

If you’re planning to move to Portugal, you probably have a list of things you want to do on arrival. For many, the priorities include checking out local restaurants, exploring markets, and heading to beaches and other beauty spots.

Eager to find your Portuguese home? There’s nothing stopping you!

Thanks to the lifting of quarantine restrictions, it’s now straightforward to visit Portugal and start the search for your dream home in the sun.  If you’ve been itching to enjoy Portugal’s climate and charm, or perhaps waiting to buy your own piece of paradise, that wait could now be over!