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residential investment in Canada?

Homes in Canada, where prices rose 42% in the past five years

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Where are the best places to move to Portugal for families?

It easy to quickly gain a sense of how life is in Portugal for families. Visit any local restaurant on a summer evening and you’ll see children dining with the adults. They’re often there until way past a British “bed time!” Many people hark back to those times when children went out alone to play with their friends, heading back only as darkness fell. In many parts of Portugal, it can still feel like that. It’s therefore unsurprising that many people consider Portugal an interesting place to move with their families.

What’s coming up in Portugal in 2020?

Portugal’s had a fantastic 2019, with plenty of great developments for anyone looking to move or invest here, and this looks set to continue this year. Here’s our round-up of the best of 2019, and what to expect if you’re buying a property in Portugal in 2020.

Let’s retire to…Monchique

For many people, Portugal’s Algarve is all about shimmering beaches and fresh seafood. However, there’s a whole inland section of the region with plenty of charms of its own. If a market town with mountain vistas appeals to you more than a coastal resort, it could be a great idea to retire to Monchique.

Bling or budget: property in the Western Algarve

Have you been looking at property for sale in the western Algarve? If so, you’ve no doubt come across plenty of striking villas, complete with bags of space and shimmering swimming pools. 

Non-habitual residency in Portugal: all you need to know

Portugal is a highly desirable location for permanent living and for retirement. But it’s not just about sunshine, great food and friendly people. The non-habitual residency scheme allows many people moving from overseas to pay a special low, flat tax rate on their Portuguese income – and no tax on foreign income, including pensions.