Luxury living in Loulé: all you need to know

Is Loulé the perfect Portuguese town for overseas property buyers? With an attractive medieval old town, a busy weekly market, affordable property price and, surprisingly, fewer crowds than much of the Algarve. Cool off in the summer heat at the many nearby beaches. Tempted? Come with us as we explore the best places to buy property.

Your Portuguese homes from home

Some of us want to immerse ourselves in Portugal and get as far away from fellow Brits, Americans, Germans and other expats as possible. And some want to join a friendly bunch and become part of the international community. You can do either very easily in Portugal. This article is for those who prefer Portuguese homes where you can probably speak to your neighbours in English! So, where should you start your search?

New Year, new healthier you in Portugal!

Could you be enjoying a more healthy life in the Algarve? The evidence is that warmer weather and more daylight hours in winter will have you feeling better and being more active. So forget all those silly little New Year’s resolutions and focus on the big one, moving to Portugal! Here’s how you could be living by next January.