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residential investment in Canada?

Homes in Canada, where prices rose 42% in the past five years

Articles by Ben Taylor

Back to the beach: lockdown eases in Portugal

Lockdown in Portugal is easing and, just in time for this glorious weather, beaches are set to open by 6th June. And with Portugal saying there will be no quarantine, travel is likely to be possible this summer.

Bouncing back? The latest news from Portugal

Portugal has been unavoidably impacted by Covid-19, but it has been praised for how its contained the crisis, and the Prime Minister sees it bouncing back to a ‘golden era’ as lockdown restrictions begin to lift.

Let’s move to Alghero – a Sardinian jewel

How do you like the idea of living on a Mediterranean island? How about a town that feels both low-key and sophisticated in equal measure? It might be time to think about a move to Alghero, in beautiful Sardinia.