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Let’s retire to…Almería

Endless sunshine, dramatic scenery and a property market where your money goes further, all in a region that has retained its authentic Spanish charm: Almería certainly sounds like retirement paradise to us.
10 reasonably priced properties for sale abroad

10 reasonably priced properties for sale abroad

Your money can go much further overseas and, this week, we’re taking a look at some of the best properties on the market, from converted windmills and seafront apartments to village houses and high-spec condos.

Let’s retire to…Corfu

Greece and the islands are becoming increasingly property as retirement locations, and as the tourist market continues to expand, so too does the market for people imminently retiring, or planning their retirement.

If you have these 15 skills, Australia wants you!

Lots of people want to move to Australia, but Australia doesn’t always want lots of people! However, do not despair. If you have a skilled occupation, you could be in luck. There are currently over two hundred jobs on the Skilled Occupation List, from healthcare professionals to designers, and the list is always changing.

Can you sponsor your partner to move to Canada?

If you have a job offer to work in Canada but you want to move with a partner or children, you’ll be pleased to know that it is possible for them to join you, as long as you meet certain requirements. The government is particularly welcoming of new talent from overseas, and that includes families. Here’s how you can sponsor your partner to move to Canada.