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Could you move to Canada like Harry and Meghan?

Harry and Meghan’s decision to move to Canada might have its critics, but we can’t fault their choice of country! Stunning nature, endless leisure opportunities and a welcoming society make Canada the perfect place to move.

What can you buy in Portugal for the price of the average UK house?

Portugal’s property market is booming, and yet prices in many areas are still below their UK equivalent. The average British home costs £230,000, or around €250,000 and, for that, you’ll be looking at a small semi-detached home. In Portugal, you could find yourself by the beach, in a swish modern apartment, or a historic farmhouse in the countryside.

What is Christmas like in New Zealand?

From BBQs on the beach to Santa parades and the brilliant crimson ‘New Zealand Christmas tree’, we look at the essential ingredients to have yourself a very Kiwi Christmas in the heat of the summer.

Sun, sea, sand…and mountains

When you think of Greece, you probably conjure up images of sun, sea and sand. I doubt you get to mountains. However, there are many mountains in Greece, with the highest on the mainland being Mount Olympus, legendary home of Zeus and the ancient Greek gods and goddesses. The peak, Mytikas, is 2,918 metres.
How to find a job abroad – top tips for making a big career move

How to find a job abroad – top tips for making a big career move

If you’re happy with your career but fancy a change of scene, finding a job abroad should be the first step on your emigration journey. Lots of countries around the world need talented and established professionals in fields like teaching, accounting and engineering, and there are heaps of global opportunities for tradespeople too.