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“We thought, there’s another life out there for us”: Sally’s new holiday home in Liguria

In just a few months, Sally and Jeremy, from Bath, have gone from dreaming of a holiday home in Italy to having the keys to their own apartment in beautiful Liguria in hand. They told us about their property search, their plans for the future and how an introduction to the right estate agent helped smooth the path immensely. 

Do you need a building survey in Spain?

For anyone buying a home in Spain, a property survey is a must. It means you can plan wisely and surprises won’t crop up just when you don’t want them. But what can you expect from a survey, and how do you choose a surveyor? We spoke to Campbell Ferguson, founder of Survey Spain and RICS Spain’s first Vice-President, to find out.

Where do the Greeks buy holiday homes?

There’s nothing like local advice when you’re moving overseas, so this week we’re taking tips from the Greeks. Over 90% of domestic tourists stay in private accommodation – so where are the most popular spots for a holiday home? Find out as we explore some of the best areas in Greece that are often overlooked by international buyers.