What can you buy in Greece for €250,000?

How does a detached home with a swimming pool in the tranquil surroundings of the Cretan countryside sound to you? What about breakfast on your own terrace with panoramic views across the Myrtos Gulf to the hills of Kefalonia? Or your own apartment in Athen’s buzzing Horagos district? This week, we’re looking at houses in Greece for €250,000 – and you’d be surprised what you can get!

Where are the best places to live in New South Wales outside Sydney?

What does your perfect life Down Under look like? Weekends spent at pristine, white-sand beaches? Perhaps exploring spectacular mountains, or touring local wineries (with a sample or two!)? How about just a short commute to work and a friendly community for the kids to grow up in? If this sounds like you, regional New South Wales is just the ticket – so read on to find out the best places to live outside Sydney.

Why I love Italy in winter

Italy in winter is full of music, carnival and delicious food. A time when you can explore cities, beaches and countryside and learn about the local traditions before the influx of summer visitors. It may be the ‘quiet season’, but there’s still plenty going on – here are some of my favourite things about winter in Italy.

Moving to Greece as a single person

Greeks are famously hospitable people – you go from stranger to friend in a flash, as long as you’ve answered the series of questions on where you’re from, why you came and your entire family history on both sides. And there’s nothing a yiayia loves questioning more than someone moving solo! So what is life like moving to Greece as a single person?
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