Welcome to the second part of your six-part guide, Buying in New Zealand. One of the most crucial aspects of preparation, once you’ve done your decision-making, is to draw up a timescale for buying a home in New Zealand. In our experience, the most effective way to do this is to work backwards from a fixed end-point. Set monthly intervals, with the following milestones in them. Then, once you’re done, use your timescale for buying a home in New Zealand as a checklist when you actually go through the buying process.

Six months

  • Finish your decision-making process with our checklist and news articles.
  • Speak to a mortgage advisor, if you’re not buying in cash.
  • Set out your budget. Make sure to speak to Smart Currency Exchange about how the can fix you in a single exchange rate for no further fees – this means you know exactly how much you can afford, without the risk of the rate moving against you.

Five months

  • Begin your detailed property hunt with property portals online, or by talking to people in person.
  • Have a talk with your lawyer about how to structure the purchase deal.

Four months

  • Begin the process of opening a New Zealand bank account.
  • Speak to estate agents and begin arranging viewing trips to see properties.
  • Speak to Smart Currency Exchange and your lawyer to finalise any details. That way, at this point in your timescale for buying a home in New Zealand, you’ll be able to make an offer quickly if needed.
Set your timescale for buying a home in New Zealand and you'll have direction and structure to your property hunt and purchase.

Set your timescale for buying a home in New Zealand.

Three months

  • Attend property exhibitions to connect with specialists in areas like removals, finances and taxes.
  • Continue viewing trips if needed and make an offer when you find the perfect home.
  • Use a currency specialist to protect your budget – consider a forward contract.
  • Book a property survey, if you need one. We’d generally recommend it.

Two months

  • If you need one, sign a reservation contract to start the buying process.
  • Sign the deposit contract and pay your deposit.
  • Plan your interior and have a think about removals!
  • Sign the sale contract and make the final payment.
  • Get the keys and move in – congratulations!
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