As you counted down to the New Year and thought about what you wanted to achieve in 2019, was buying a property in Italy on your mind? This can be the year you actually go ahead and do it. If you do your research and go prepared, your next trip to Italy could lead you to just what you are looking for. Here are six steps to include in your countdown to buying your dream home in Italy in 2019.

1. Set your budget

How much can you afford to spend on your dream home? It’s important to carefully calculate your budget before looking at property. When deciding what price range to search in our property portal, you should also consider what money you’ll need to set aside for purchase taxes, fees for estate agents, notaries etc. and any property improvements needed. Buying an old house and renovating it can be very rewarding, but not if you have spent your entire budget on the purchase and then can’t afford to do the work. When you transfer sterling into euros, the amount of money you have will be affected by currency fluctuations. These rates can change by the second and can seriously affect the number of euros you have to spend on a property. Find out here how to ‘Brexit-proof’ your finances.

2. Attend a property event

At a property buying event such as “Your Overseas Home” you can browse properties, speak to a lawyer, talk over your budget and meet Estate agents all in one room. This can be a great way to get the expert guidance you need to ensure a successful Italian property purchase. In 2019, we will be attending five Your Overseas Home events in London (9th March), Birmingham (30th March), Chester (8th June), Harrogate (5th October) and Epsom (9th November). Make sure to get your free tickets while they last.


Follow this countdown to buying and you'll be ready to move in within a year!

Follow this countdown to buying and you’ll be ready to move in within a year!


3. Decide on a region

Have you decided which Italian region you would like to buy a property in? There are more cities and job opportunities in the northern regions, but more sun in the south, which is good for holiday accommodation businesses and retirees. If access from the UK is important to you, there are airlines that fly direct from the UK to many Italian regions, including:

Some of these airports are also well placed to reach neighbouring regions. I have compiled guides to some of the most popular regions, which can be accessed by clicking the region names above. There are some great offers on flight prices at this time of year, so it’s worth getting some viewing trips planned now.

4. Find your ideal location

Do you want to be close to hospitals, doctors, supermarkets and schools? How far are you prepared to drive to the airport and tourist attractions? It’s easy to fall in love with a property you see online and overlook checking out the location.

Fine-tune your negotiating skills by downloading your free copy of our expert Negotiation Guide.

Many British buyers are looking for a countryside home, a short driving distance from a town, while others put sea or lake views at the top of their wish list. Whatever your preferred landscape, most Italian regions have a stunning coastline, beautiful countryside and breath-taking mountains. I advise spending some time in an area to see how you feel about it and weigh up the pros and cons. By visiting in the winter you will also get a better view of what the area is like year round.

5. Choose your property style

Before setting off on a viewing trip consider what type of property would suit you best. There are many charming farm houses for sale in Italy, with stone walls and roman tiled roofs, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. You will also find countryside villas, castles, trulli and more modern homes. In the less famous towns and villages, there are well priced town houses and apartments as well as grand palazzo houses, and in cities like Milan and Rome there are stylish apartments.

It’s worth thinking about what features are most important to you before you go. Do you need a big kitchen? A swimming pool? Guest bedrooms? Central heating? All this information should be passed on to the estate agent, to save wasting time visiting properties that are not suitable.

6. Get in touch with estate agents

Once you know what budget you have, what region you like best, and what type of property suits your needs, you are all set to contact estate agents. Our free Property Hunter service can help you out here – simply fill in the form with your requirements or give the Resource Centre a ring on +44(0)20 7898 0549 to find out more.

A good estate agent in Italy (agente immobiliare) will guide you through every step of the buying process and show you where to go to get an Italian tax number (codice fiscale) and open an Italian bank account.

From the day your offer is accepted you could potentially be the proud owner of your dream home in Italy in less than 8 weeks!

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