Before making a significant investment in Irish propert, pay the country a visit to make sure it’s 100% right for you. After all, you can’t judge a country based on episodes of Ballykissangel and Father Ted alone! There is no better time to head to Ireland to conduct this all-important recce than spring.

This time of year is traditionally the time when the property market starts to pick up.

The days are getting longer, brighter and temperatures tend to average around 7-12°C. This means you should be able to get away with just hand luggage on your flight. Speaking of which, flights are cheaper, and holiday accommodation costs typically 10% less than it does during summer months. This time of year is also traditionally the time when the property market starts to pick up. We often see owners who’ve been dragging their feet during winter months, awaken from hibernation with a steely determination to sell their property.


Spring is a great time to head to Ireland on a viewing trip

For those of you looking for some location inspiration, today we’re running through five of our favourite Irish springtime locations and revealing what you can get for your money. We’re also outlining the all-important steps to take pre-viewing trip to ensure you’re prepared to make a move as soon as you find that dream property.


While once relatively overlooked, this beautiful corner of Ireland is starting to get the attention it deserves. However, despite limelight being cast from the likes of Lonely Planet and National Geographic, Donegal’s property market hasn’t quite caught on yet, ensuring there are still plenty of bargains to be found. Springtime in Donegal means peaceful walks along the County’s 173 miles of beaches, wild flowers such crocuses, primroses and snowdrops bursting to life, and wildlife spotting. Keep those eyes peeled for everything from golden eagles and peregrine falcons, to dolphins and badgers. Spring is also perfect for information gathering. During summer, Donegal’s friendly locals are often run off their feet catering to the needs of the crowds of tourists. In springtime, they have more time on their hands and will be far more willing to answer your questions and to let you in on what life is really like in County Donegal.


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This four-bedroom detached property overlooking the waters of Donegal’s Mulroy Bay is on the market for £166,400. The property’s large windows ensure plenty of natural light and the location is excellent – 30 miles from Donegal International Airport.

Connemara, Galway

Oscar Wilde once described Connemara as having a ‘savage beauty’. At no time of the year is this more apparent than springtime. If you’re daydreaming of peace and quiet in the Irish countryside, surrounded by brooding lakes, windswept bogs, and a backdrop of mountains, Connemara is a superb place to start your search. The region stretches from Killary Harbour in the north of County Galway, down to Galway Bay in the south. The area is home to a number of charming traditional villages, which could tick all your boxes. But do note, this is the largest Irish speaking region in the country!


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This five-bed property is located on a rocky hillside overlooking Streamstown Bay just 2km down the road from Clifden village. The home enjoys large modern windows and open plan living, without sacrificing its traditional cosy Irish cottage vibe.

Getting a good deal on your Irish home is often a question of good planning and research. Read our guide: How to Negotiate Abroad to give yourself a head start.

County Wexford

After all of this winter’s grim weather, we can’t blame you for craving some sunshine. If a desire to maximise sunshine hours is swaying your property search, set your sights on County Wexford on the southeast coast, which averages the highest number of sunshine hours per day in all of Ireland. Rosslare receives 300 hours more sunshine each year than the average Irish location. Fortunately, it’s also a charming seaside resort where property is affordable. Plus you’re conveniently located just 90 miles south of Dublin. The town is also located close to a number of excellent golf courses. From the nearby port, you’ll be able to hop on a ferry and be back in Fishguard in four hours.


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This four-bed detached bungalow is a complete bargain at just £162,000. Rosslare’s sandy beach is a two-minute stroll away, as are the area’s amenities. Hop in your car and you can be in Wexford Town in under 15 minutes.

West Cork

Springtime signals the start of whale watching season in this perennial favourite with British buyers. Keep those eyes peeled for minke whales, as well as basking sharks, dolphins and porpoises. This picture-perfect corner of the country is known for beautiful scenery and colourful little towns and villages. These include tourist favourites like Clonakilty and Kinsale. Schull is less well-known and the most southerly village in Ireland. Buy around here and you’ll be able to enjoy the dream combo of mountain and ocean views from your kitchen.


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This three-bedroom property is dramatically located on the top of Mount Zion, overlooking Schull harbour. The property has .26 acres of land, made up of landscaped grounds, forest, and paddock, perfect for keeping animals. The property is on the market for £547,275.

Preparing for your viewing trip

When heading to Ireland to purchase property, you need to have the right team of professionals to assist you. There’s a chance you might find yourself in competition with other buyers for the property in question, in which case, you need to be able to act quickly. The following three services are so vital to the property buying process that we call them The Golden Three.

Currency expert

When buying overseas, you need an expert on hand to facilitate your international currency transfers. We recommend our trusted partners, Smart Currency Exchange. They’ve been helping people to successfully purchase property overseas for more than 20 years. When making such a significant purchase of this nature, you want to get the most from your money, as well as be able to move the cash to the relevant bank account in a timely fashion to secure the property. If you’re keen to lay down a deposit during your viewing trip, your personally-assigned currency trader will help you to have the funds ready to go at the drop of a hat.

When buying overseas, you need an expert on hand to facilitate your international currency transfers.

Estate agent

You need to source an estate agent a good few weeks before you head to Ireland on your viewing trip. Having an estate agent that understands your budget, property wish list and any deal breakers ahead of your visit ensures you won’t waste precious time viewing unsuitable properties. Your agent is a valuable source of information about the local area, don’t be afraid to bombard them with questions – that’s what they’re there for! If they’re worth their salt, they’ll be able to offer advice on everything from the best local schools and GPs and which telephone network offers the best coverage down to where the best spot is for a pint. We recommend contacting a few agents that sell the types of property you’re in the market for. Ask for testimonials of previous customers, make sure that they are registered with the Property Services Regulatory Authority (PRSA) and see how they approach your property search. The more proactive they are, the better!

Legal support

Unless you’re particularly au fait with the intricacies of Irish law, you need to have an independent solicitor on hand to guide you through the buying process. They will be able to conduct the necessary checks on the property and walk you through each step of the process. Solicitors in Ireland can vary rather dramatically in cost, so it’s worth shopping around to ensure you secure a good deal.

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