Yes, you can buy a home in Cyprus! This week we are starting a six-part guide to making your dream a reality. Remember to read each Cyprus Property Guide newsletter as we take you from making those initial decisions, to choosing property in Cyprus, to moving in! Buying in Cyprus, even with Brexit looming, does not need to be a worry, or even difficult. Of course, there are hurdles to climb over and money to pay, but with the right legal team and financial guidance, you can make it happen – this year!

Why Cyprus? Why now?

You can swap the 1,500 hours of sunshine that the UK averages each year for the 3,500 hours that Cyprus gets. You can enjoy the weather where you can play golf, swim or just sit outside comfortably all year. Enjoy the lower living costs, emptier roads and more family-oriented lifestyle. Enjoy the food and the wine and the friendly people. And the other advantages – the excellent health and low taxes.

Why wait? You don’t have to wait for the next five parts of our How to Buy in Cyprus guide. Download the full Cyprus Buying Guide here. 

Buying a property or living in Cyprus is possible for anyone, for now. It may not be so easy if you don’t make the move before the end of the Brexit transition period. If you establish yourself as a resident before then you will retain all your rights just as if you had lived there for years. That includes subsidised healthcare, an annual upgrade on your pension, the right to work, study, retire or live in the sunshine.

Choosing your property in Cyprus

Choosing your property in Cyprus starts with a dream, and some decisions.

Old friends, whatever happens with Brexit

Those who buy afterwards may have to apply for visas, although we don’t expect that to be difficult or expensive. Those pre-Brexit rights will extend to your parents, spouse and dependent children too, for registered residents.

Property in Cyprus is affordable too, for now. Property Guides cross-referenced weather data with holiday home prices across Europe to find where the sunshine costs least. Cyprus came second, only behind Turkey for the affordability of its sunshine. You’ll pay an average of £65,000 for a 50-square-metre holiday apartment and get around 340 days of sunshine.

Whatever happens with Brexit, Cyprus is a Commonwealth country. We have enjoyed a long and friendly history together.

Compare that with Mallorca, where you’ll pay £114,000 for the apartment and get far less sunshine. Average summertime highs are around 30ºC with nights at 20ºC. Winter highs average 17ºC and frost is most definitely a rarity on the coast. If you do ever miss the cold, just drive up to the Troodos mountains for some skiing. The sea temperature is around 26ºC in summer but still manages 18ºC in winter (and that’s warmer than the English Channel in summer!).

And whatever happens with Brexit, Cyprus is a Commonwealth country. We have enjoyed a long and friendly history together. You drive on the left in Cyprus, many people speak English and there are elements of the law, society and architecture that you’ll find familiar. Hardly surprising that 10,000 British retirees live here. And if you want to travel back to the UK, or have the family over for Christmas, while many of the Greek islands virtually shut down for the winter, there are affordable flights to Cyprus all year. You have a choice of two airports, meaning that few places are much more than 30 or 45 minutes from an airport.

Planning your purchase in Cyprus

Your dreams and intentions may change throughout the process, but organising your initial plans is the place to start. You should ask yourself these five basic questions.

Why are you buying?

So you know you want to buy a property in Cyprus, but why, exactly? Analysing and articulating your thoughts can help motivate and direct you. So write down your ideas. Here are some examples: “We want to enjoy more space, sun and warmer weather.”  “Our pension will go further in Cyprus.” “I want a place to enjoy memorable holidays with family and friends.” “Now the kids have left home, we need a new adventure.” “Property investments in Cyprus could have real potential”. “I don’t want ever to look back on my life with regret, never having made the move.”

How will you use it?

This is crucial to ensuring that you really enjoy your property. What will you do with it? Long weekends, three weeks over the summer, for investment, for relocation, for holidays and then eventually retirement? Be honest with yourself. If you really don’t think you’ll be nipping down for weekends, you can save money by being further from the airport. If you don’t want other people using it and don’t need the money, why worry about rental or investment potential?

How much can you afford?

There may be ways to raise more money, or even share the costs, but get an idea of your realistic budget from the off. (See our finance section). You should budget for at least 10% extra for buying costs. Don’t forget also that you won’t quite get the “interbank” rate for your currency that’s shown on the news and the FX sites, but a percentage point or two below thatOn the other hand, you might be able to knock a little bit off the price of the property too.

What MUST your Cypriot home have?

What are your deal-breakers, the must haves? How many bedrooms or bathrooms do you need? Is a pool an absolute requirement or would a local beach be better? Outdoor space? Is it essential that you can walk to a local cafe or bar? And what would you like your Cypriot home to have? What would make it perfect for you? Do you want a terrace, garden and/ or a swimming pool?

What don’t you need?

It’s nice to be positive, but focusing on what we can’t stand can be quite liberating too! Would you hate having to book a hire car every time you go to Cyprus? Do you find a sandy beach less appealing than your own pool? Are you worried that you’ll be saddled with all the pool cleaning, or cooking? Would you find the presence of holidaymakers on your doorstep all summer a little irksome? Now is the time to say it loud and clear. You want to love this home, so spell out what will stop that happening, then see if your partner or spouse feel the same!

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