The Maritime province of Nova Scotia offers stunning scenery and a great opportunity to enjoy the great Canadian outdoors. Many move here permanently, but its close enough to enjoy as a holiday home too.

One of three Maritime provinces, Nova Scotia is found in an area known as “Atlantic Canada”. Unlike almost any other province Nova Scotia is completely surrounded by this majestic ocean. Nova Scotia is also historically significant as it is home to the first permanent European settlement, when French colonists first arrived on Canadian shores in the early 1600s.

For a long time Nova Scotia was limited to being a tourist destination for those eager to explore the Canadian outdoors. Now, however, it is becoming a realistic option for British arrivals to make a permanent home, particularly in the provincial capital.

The average price of homes sold in Halifax in November 2017 was $229,000 (£134,000), compared to the national Canadian average of $504,000.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia’s capital is fast outpacing all of Canada’s major cities in terms of growth. The traditional benefits of Halifax – including its close-by beaches and clean air – are still present, but now there are also thriving construction and manufacturing industries, low unemployment and short commutes for workers.


Lunenburg, Novia Scotia (Pi-Lens /


Halifax is also one of Canada’s most scenic cities, there is a busy waterfront promenade and year round cultural events and festivals. Within a short drive, or even cycle, you can experience breath-taking beaches and a variety of outdoor activities including kayaking, hiking or golfing.

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Inexpensive Nova Scotia

Along with all of the less tangible benefits, affordability is a key driving force in the growth of Halifax, and Nova Scotia as a whole. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association the average price of homes sold in Halifax in November 2017 was $229,000 CAD (£134,000), when compared to the national Canadian average of $504,000 CAD (£295,000) you can quickly see the appeal.


Anapolis Valley, Nova Scotia


Away from the city there are many other towns and attractions on offer. The small town of Lunenburg is one of the more charming destinations and Nova Scotia’s only UNESCO World Heritage site. Located on Mahone Bay the town has stunning colonial architecture, giving visitors the feeling that they have stepped back in time to the days of early Nova Scotia.

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