Are you craving wide open spaces, eternal sunshine, a slower pace of life but faster fast bowling? Then it’s time to make Australia your new home.

If you’re in the UK and have a desire to travel to Australia, you may be experiencing the following signs and symptoms. The vast and beautiful sun-drenched country lures thousands of Britons each year with many of them ditching their lives in the UK altogether to live in the Land Down Under. If any of these feelings strike a chord, it may be time to finally make the move across the pond to Australia.

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1. You haven’t seen the sun for months

Perth gets 3,200 hours of sunshine on average each year, Adelaide gets 2,900 and Sydney gets 2,600. And in Britain? Well, Sheffield shivers in 1,450 hours of sunshine every year. London does much better, with very nearly 1,490 hours – that’s nearly half as much as Perth! Do we sound bitter?

Sunshine is synonymous with Australia and if it’s the sun’s rays that you crave, there’s no better place in the world to live. Most of Australia exists in a year-round summer climate with winters mild and short, and sun shining the majority of the year. Swap your scarves and long-johns for shorts and summer dresses, and let thongs (sorry, I mean flip flops) be your footwear all year long.

2. You crave wide open spaces

It’s hard to imagine the sheer vastness of Australia without having experienced it first-hand. The entire continent of Europe could fit into it, yet 85% of the population living within 50 kilometres of the coastline. That’s a lot of space, and driving between one city and the next is often more than a day’s journey. Though most expats choose to live in the capital cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Perth there are plenty of other areas to explore, from tropical towns, to historic coastal ports and rural outback communities.


Life’s a beach, in Australia

3. You need the ocean as part of your every day

If you’re a beach bum at heart and are drawn to the seaside life, Australia offers the opportunity of incorporating the beach into your everyday experience. Most cities and towns in Australia are situated on the coast with a beach never too far away. If you fancy surfing, making beach walks part of your morning ritual, or chill out to sunsets or sunrises over the water; it’s easy to make the ocean part of your everyday in Australia.

4. You do love a bit of Strine

Does the sound of an Australian accent make your heart skip a beat? Are you addicted to re-runs of Neighbours and Home and Away? Australia is a unique culture and the distinct Australian accent has a charm all of its own. Just think, this time next year you might have a bit of that twang yourself!

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5. You’re seeking a slower pace to life

Life in Australia is a few strides slower than the UK, and British expats who make the move to Australia often report being more chilled out. The ‘no worries mate’ mantra that is commonly echoed throughout the country is more than just a saying. Australians tend to savour each moment a little harder, enjoy being still a little bit more, and choose having fun and relaxing over striving and being too serious.

6. A change of scenery is something you seek

Looking for a change of scenery, something different than what you’re used to back at home? In Australia you can choose between beach-bordered cities, tropical towns, dusty outback centres, rainforest villages and remote fishing ports. The varying scenery and experiences to choose from are endless. Start with figuring out what it is you want and there will likely be an answer for you in Australia.

7. You can’t bear to watch cricket

If England couldn’t win the Ashes from Australia when playing at home last summer, it doesn’t bode well for when we take them on Down Under next winter. Just think, that’s about the time you’ll be moving there if you start now! Is it time to give up on a bad job and embrace the green and gold of Australia?

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