Adelaide has a mix of charm and natural beauty and is said to be the city “that’s just the right size.”

If you’re looking for a city that’s not too big and not too small, Adelaide may be the Australian city for you. With a population of 1.2 million and named the twenty-minute city since you can get everywhere in Adelaide in twenty minutes or less, it offers the conveniences of a larger city, but at a much more manageable pace. The colonial past and progressive nature of Adelaide give it a unique charm. With wide streets, plenty of parkland and interesting architecture, Adelaide is revered as one of the more beautiful cities in Australia. The warm year-round climate and lack of traffic add to the high standard of living of the city.

With a population of 1.2 million, Adelaide is nicknamed the twenty-minute city since you can get everywhere in Adelaide in twenty minutes or less.

Cost of Living in Adelaide

Compared to Melbourne and Sydney, Adelaide offers a much for affordable cost of living. The median sale price of a home in 2016 was £338,000. Wages tend to be less than larger Australian cities, with the average wage around £32,000 in Adelaide (compared to £44,000 in Australia). As with most of the country, food is one of the biggest expenses, with dining out and shopping at grocery stores being costlier than many UK expats anticipate. The cost to rent a 900 sq. ft. apartment in the heart of Adelaide is about £1,140 a month, with rent getting cheaper the further out in the suburbs you go.

Working in Adelaide

Although wages in Adelaide are typically lower than other Australian capital cities, so is the overall cost of living. The main industries in Adelaide are mining and defence, healthcare, retail and social assistance sectors. Many employers hoping to attract foreign talent offer above average salary packages, and because much of Australia’s talented workforce ends up drawn to Sydney or Melbourne there are often incentives for those willing to relocate to Adelaide. Work life balance in Adelaide is one reason people are attracted to the city. For those seeking employment in Adelaide, online classifieds and recruitment agencies are the best place to start your job search.

Where to Live in Adelaide

Adelaide is not a large city spatially speaking, so it’s quite easy to travel from one suburb to the next. There are a range of suburbs to choose from when moving to Adelaide, here is where expats tend to live:

Medindie, Walkerville and Prospect

These suburbs are close to the city and have a buffet of accommodation options from high-end luxury homes and town homes, to smaller more affordable dwellings. These suburbs are well served by public transport and are also located near some of Adelaide’s top private schools.


Downtown Adelaide



Brompton has a hip and artsy feel and has a handful of bars and shops appealing to those on a budget. Many backpackers and young people are drawn to this area, rents tend to be lower and it’s still located conveniently close to the central business area.

Burnside and Kensington Gardens

The eastern suburbs are characterized by beautiful tree-lined streets with lots of community facilities and are well suited for expats with families. For those that like getting outdoors and adventuring, activities like hiking and mountain biking are easily accessible.

Adelaide truly has everything you could want from an Australian city, an interesting culture, stunning scenery and year-round sunny weather.

Springfield and Netherby

Located south-east of Adelaide at the bottom of the Adelaide Hills these neighbourhoods are stunningly scenic and the perfect place to raise a family. With many good schools in the area and within easy reach of the business district by public transportation, they are convenient and quiet for those looking for suburban life.

Glenelg and Brighton

These beachside communities are to the west of Adelaide and are popular with expats who want to live the Australian dream on a beach. The cost of living here is a bit higher since it’s such a popular area, but the expat scene and stunning beach access makes it worthwhile.

Adelaide truly has everything you could want from an Australian city, an interesting culture, stunning scenery and year-round sunny weather. When considering where to relocate in Australia as an expat, don’t forget to add Adelaide to your list of possibilities.

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